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Tag List Update!

Okay guys, the tag list is being reworked as well as the theme! Art will be posting shortly[i’ll be completely the request from a while ago, if you would like a certain character please just ask!]. If you’re searching for art by the generation, please go to the top bar and type in “/tagged/whetever generation you want here” after the url.

Thank you all for being so patient!


Well hello there everyone! I’m happy to see that the followers have grown substantially since last time I’ve been on. 371 seems like a pretty decent number, right? Well, to be perfectly honest, I apologize for being so inactive. Life has been very sad lately and I’ve been off Tumblr completely, actually. I do have plans to come back, but I don’t know when I’ll fully be back on.

I may or may not be thinking about getting another Mod in here to help me out, so that’s a far warning, right?

Well I also know that in coming back, there’s a lot of work. I know that with an art blog like this one, tags have to be updated regularly, and honestly I have no desire to do that. So it’s still undecided whether I’ll be active fully again, but I’m still here! Checking in every once in a while!

I love you guys, and don’t forget, at 500 followers, S-Mun is gonna be doing something super special!


pir8crabs asked: Could we get some art of Broadside or G1 Mindwipe?


nabulos asked: Could we get some smokescreen? From the various continuities?

Got it!

punkrockangels asked: I love this blog :3 Do you think you could post some MTMTE art? :)


deathtail-the-dracon asked: this blog is follow worth it! i just found out this blog exist and its amazing, i tell ya that m8!

Well thank you! I’m so happy you like it! <3

cytroplex asked: Silverbolt - Beast Wars version - if at all possible? :)

Of course! In the queue it goes~

al-daruma asked: Loving all this art! Some Fortress Maximus please?

Wonderful! Thanks for asking! I’ll queue it up!