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Well hello there everyone! I’m happy to see that the followers have grown substantially since last time I’ve been on. 371 seems like a pretty decent number, right? Well, to be perfectly honest, I apologize for being so inactive. Life has been very sad lately and I’ve been off Tumblr completely, actually. I do have plans to come back, but I don’t know when I’ll fully be back on.

I may or may not be thinking about getting another Mod in here to help me out, so that’s a far warning, right?

Well I also know that in coming back, there’s a lot of work. I know that with an art blog like this one, tags have to be updated regularly, and honestly I have no desire to do that. So it’s still undecided whether I’ll be active fully again, but I’m still here! Checking in every once in a while!

I love you guys, and don’t forget, at 500 followers, S-Mun is gonna be doing something super special!


pir8crabs said: Could we get some art of Broadside or G1 Mindwipe?


nabulos said: Could we get some smokescreen? From the various continuities?

Got it!

hipstercas said: I love this blog :3 Do you think you could post some MTMTE art? :)


countess-death-tail said: this blog is follow worth it! i just found out this blog exist and its amazing, i tell ya that m8!

Well thank you! I’m so happy you like it! <3

cytroplex said: Silverbolt - Beast Wars version - if at all possible? :)

Of course! In the queue it goes~

al-daruma said: Loving all this art! Some Fortress Maximus please?

Wonderful! Thanks for asking! I’ll queue it up!


So, 311 followers, eh? I love each and everyone of you! Thank you for follower and I swear it is just the most amazing feeling seeing everyone I follow on my main account reblog stuff from here. Thank you all so much!

But anyway- back to the important stuff. Please please please please please PLEASE send in request, as my tiny mun mind can’t even think of what to post when a character isn’t requested! SO PLEASE DO THAT.

That’s all! I love you all!